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Links to user-led and other helpful organisations

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User-led and other helpful organisations

Re-Energize – the sports and social group for body and mind (Oxford)

The friendly, positive and informal sports and social group that’s run for and by people overcoming mental health difficulties
Website in development. Contact number 07792 849261


Nation Survivor User Network

The National Survivor User Network

The National Survivor User Network (NSUN) is an independent network of individuals and groups who have direct experience of mental health distress and/or using mental health services. We are creating a network which will engage and support the wide diversity of mental health service users and survivors across England in order to strengthen their voices.


Shaping Our Lives A National Network of Service Users and Disabled People

Shaping Our Lives

Shaping Our Lives National User Network is an independent user-controlled organisation, think tank and network. We started as a research and development project but became an independent organisation in 2002. We now work with a wide and diverse range of service users. The Shaping Our Lives Networking Website can be accessed by all, and is particularly aimed at User Controlled Organisations.


The Centre for Welfare Reform

The Centre for Welfare Reform works to redesign the welfare state in order to increase social justice, promote citizenship, strengthen families and enrich our communities. It is a research and development network made up of innovators and people committed to equality and diversity. See Mental Health Reform project information.

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation exists to demonstrate that individuals with severe learning disabilities who are described as having challenging behaviour can enjoy normal life opportunities when their behaviour is properly understood and they receive appropriate individualised support.  The CBF supports families, professionals and other stakeholders through education, information, research and partnership work to enable this to happen. The CBF co-ordinates the Challenging Behaviour – National Strategy Group (CB-NSG) which works strategically to influence national policy and practice.

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Useful information and resources

Paths to Personalisation in Mental Health

This online guide (featuring the contents of both the Booklet and the DVD) has been produced to help all those involved understand how things will need to be done differently to make personalisation a reality for people with mental health needs. This is a whole system guide, so hopefully it will give some information, guidance and signposts for people, whoever and wherever they are. The guide provides information about what personalisation means for mental health services and supports, offers examples of what needs to be in place to make things work, and provides pointers to good practice and sources of advice and information.
Copies of the Booklet/s and DVD/s available for the cost of postage from robin@robinmurray-neill.co.uk

Personalisation in Mental Health

This is a report setting out a model for integrating health and social care for people using mental health services – designed to promote personalisation, empowerment and citizenship. It also provides a framework for the integration of NHS and social resource allocation systems. Simon Duffy, 2011.
See also Resource Allocation in Mental Health

The Manifesto of the Personalisation Forum Group

The Personalisation Forum Group have developed a Manifesto to describe how – as people with mental health problems – they are going to go about improving life for themselves, and for other people in Doncaster. They came together as a group to help each other to create more personalised support solutions to benefit themselves and their community.
They believe that having mental health difficulties does not stop them from being full and productive members of our society. They are very ambitious and hope to make the positive changes to local services that will help create a national movement for change.

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