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Reasons to be Cheerful

Posted on by robin

Hi, whilst you’re all waiting patiently for the first author, it just gives me time to draw your attention to the SHOW OF THE YEAR 2012!! [please click on the title above]
Even if I didn’t know the incomparable John Kelly, this would still have been one (well I went thrice, actually!) of the best things I’ve ever seen. Yes, if you absolutely hate the music of Ian Dury it will be a bit of a trial, but otherwise (and there are lots of other ways!) GO! I’ll make a public apology to anyone who isn’t absolutely delighted. And you can’t say fairer than that!

Share and Enjoy

Posted on by robin

This is the page for YOU! (and me!)

In Iceland it is known as a Bjorg, or is that Sweden? Anyway, it is a place for people to say what they like (within usual Chartham Hatch rules) and hopefully get us all thinking, maybe even educate and, if such things are still possible, entertain.

I’ve already nominated the first author, although she is hiding her light under a bushel at present, but do watch this space (as the astronaut said to the bishop)…